Pre Christmas Reboot

A festive self care saturday

A Yin & Yang Yoga & Immersive Sound Afternoon Retreat

Saturday 15 December 2018 | 15.00 - 18.00pm | The Loft Santuary - Notting Hill

A Pre Xmas Self Care Afternoon -Yin & Yang Yoga & Immersive Sound Afternoon Retreat with Amy & Lou

Rest, Restore & Be Merry - A Festive Self Care Saturday


Come and join us, yoga teacher Amy McDonald and songstress and Astrologer Lou Vilstrup for a Saturday afternoon of blissful rest and relaxation, recharge yourself to be ready for the holiday season at The Sanctuary Loft in Notting Hill London.

This afternoon retreat is an opportunity to shed back layers and come back to yourself to be able to be your best self when you are with your friends and family for the holiday period.

Expect a dynamic start to the yoga practice with a vinyasa flow and then moving into a blissful yin practice taught by Amy with sweet sounds of piano, guitar and vocal sound scape composed and delivered by Lou and a beautiful yoga nidra which will take you on an inner journey that will soothe the soul. There will be a big focus on connecting to the sub conscious and peeling away the layers to reveal a clear view and deep connection within. This class will be catering and open to all levels. 

This will be followed by vegan xmas treats to share all together and then you can gently float out to enjoy the rest of your Saturday Evening.


NOTE: Please bring a yoga mat and blanket.

Amy has been teaching yoga in London for the past 6 years, teaching mainly yang style yoga, mainly Jivamukti for many years and has grown an appreciation for the yin practice with her own yoga journey and so it has been a natural progression to bring it into her teaching over the last few years. She believes in this busy city of London that we all need to balance our yang tendencies with some yin practices. These can come in many forms but the Yin yoga practice is especially fitting to run along side the dynamic yoga practice.   


Lou is a musician and a singer with soul. In London she performs under the name Dear Joy. In her spare time, she has an extraordinary passion for self development. Having studied at the Academy for Potential Psychology with Olaf Rademacher covering Astrology, Family constellation work, Psychology, and Inner healing journeys, she is now in the position to guide others. She uses the birth chart as a tool, and will do personal readings, and offer sessions to anyone interested on the retreat. 

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